A Gala seller moved people to tears by his actions when he spotted a group of prisoners in a van stuck in traffic.


The prisoners were being transported in a Nigeria Prison Service van heading to Ikoyi Prison but were stuck in traffic. As usual, the prisoners stretched out their hands through the tiny holes by the sides of the van and the Gala seller’s next action surprised everyone.

He took the Gala he was selling and began distributing to the prisoners for free. When the van began moving, he dropped his basket by the side of the road, grabbed a handful of Gala and ran after them to make sure everyone gets a share.

His kind acts got him the attention of other road users and someone who was moved by his action, shared the story.

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226 Comments on “A Gala seller moved people to tears by his actions when he spotted a group of prisoners in a van stuck in traffic.

  1. mhizta vic mhizta vic says:

    Type here..God will bless u

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    This article is very informative, thanks
    Newspay for the news update

  3. Jakenero says:

    Yeah what he did was really good am glad we still have people like this in Nigeria. Thank you for caring

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    Good and excellent news update.

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    Thanks Newspay for the hot update.

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  7. Evaristus5771 says:

    This is touching to the nerves of the heart,he did a goof job,this is the kind of things that is meant to be celebrated by the government