Who serves our votes comes 2019 between APC and PDP


Ever since the nation returned to democracy in 1999, only two political parties Apc and Pdp have won the the african most populous nation presidentian election, without not really making sufficiant impact on our economy, another election is around the corner, does any of these aformationed political parties deserves our votes again?

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456 Comments on “Who serves our votes comes 2019 between APC and PDP

  1. mhizta vic mhizta vic says:

    Type here..Capital letter. NOOOOOO

    1. Daze? Daze? says:

      NO… Capital letters NO…. But nigeria is at point of no choice

  2. abazievictory says:

    Very important and useful news from newspay take note

  3. Niass7 says:

    Thank you newspay for the good news

  4. Jakenero says:

    This is a nice news update from newspay on political matters. Keep us updated on the issue

  5. Mekas2031 Mekas2031 says:

    Good and excellent news update.

  6. Daze? Daze? says:

    NO… Capital letters NO…. But nigeria is at point of no choice

  7. Mercyboy says:

    Thanks Newspay for the hot update.

  8. olubuse559 says:

    Thanks for the information and updates newspay this is a good platform that gives helpful tips

  9. Evaristus5771 says:

    No,i don’t think so,it is better for us to vote another party outside this two,then look forward to the output of the future in the next four years