What is NewsPay SPAM EARNINGS? Everything You Need To Know About NewsPay Spam Earnings

NewsPay Spam Earnings is something you should NOT even try to indulge yourself in.


We’re going to explain what NewsPay SPAM Earnings is all about on this post.

NewsPay Earning Bundle cannot be over emphasized. The fact that NewsPay is a earning system doesn’t mean each and everyone come to the platform, try to abuse it, open multiple tabs, use blackhats methods, aggressively open so much tabs just in the name of Earning – tomorrow, they expect to be paid.

We’ll explain in this post what NewsPay SPAM Earnings is.

NewsPay SPAM Earnings is an unethical method or the use of sophisticated software to automate NewsPay sites links in such a way to increase their NP Daily Earnings or SP EARNINGS.

NewsPay was created and developed to enable users to enjoy themselves in reading news make affiliates and earn greatly instead of buzzing around social media forums and wasting your precious Internet Data plans.


NewsPay earns 100% earnings from Advertisers – our revenue is solely dependent on this – Once our Advertisers don’t get value of the results they expect due to the excessive spamming – then, we’ll go out of business because we would not be able to pay our Members. No one wants to see this happen.




NewsPay SPAM Earnings practices indulges in different ways as explained in the following:

  1. Opening more than 2 tabs on NewsPay is unethical – and regarded as SPAM. Overtime, our systems have detected users who opened so many tabs on their system just to deceive our earnings mechanism and aggressively earn. Do not do this. NewsPay have developed a more structured way that detects when a post is opened by a user on NewsPay.ng – the system would automatically detect this. NewsPay would not pay you for this act. Do not do this. If you were to be on Facebook – you would read and comment on a particular post before moving to the next – the same system applies to us. Many  a users on NewsPay opens  about  500 tabs at once using their PC. NewsPay always detects this massive abuse causing the site to slow down.  Again, this same user make countless number of irrelevant, un-constructive  and spammy comments. At the end, they have ₦15,000 in a week as a result of their spam acts. Our payment system would detect this and pays you the real earnings. You need to understand, NewsPay is a business and we are not moved by emotional selfish opinions. No advertisers pays us for spam ads. We solicit to earn it.Spam acts like things makes platform to run at an extreme loss and they shut down. Those who earned almost ₦200,000 a week on NewsPay? Its not magic – they focused on quality earnings.
    Most people just hop on NewsPay platform bandwagon without reading the FAQ and tomorrow, they decide its a no go area. You see, we’ve helped thousands of Members to earn for themselves. If everyone abuse the platform aggressively to earn, we would not be in business.
    We are a business and advertisers needs to pay us to pay our users.
  2. Logging in your account on different devices: Operating your account with someone else is not allowed on NewsPay – this is regarded as spam. Its just like sending someone your login details to help you read news as well on NewsPay and you inturn also read News – the both of you creates a spam earning of ₦2 each which becomes ₦4 and you expect to get paid. Instead of sending your friend or family member your NewsPay account login details which is not allowed and advisable, send them to read news directly on NewsPay.ng or let them have their own account on NewsPay Earning Bundle. Facebook directly ‘doesn’t allow this’. This is why Facebook pops out  security check to confirm if you are the owner of the account – they make sure 10 users don’t log in to one account and start reading and commenting. This causes IP conflicts of different users who are reading and commenting at the same time. Facebook flags off this session and logs out the user to confirm the account or change your password. The same thing is applied to NewsPay. We are not comparing NewsPay to Facebook – but in respect to earning on NewsPay – this has to be respected. There are multiple scams online. Multiple promising platform that promises everything on earth that they would pay – where are they now ? Most are scams and would go away with your hard earned money and not pay you. When you come onboard on NewsPay – you should have the mindset that this platform doesn’t tolerate SPAMMING – Don’t even try to SPAM us to earn – forget it – you won’t be paid. We have the methods you think you know about that would detect and automatically filter out your spams. We cherish every member to earn and as well our Advertisers to make sure we keep getting revenue from our Advertisers.
  3. Using Blackhats Methods/ Sophisticated Software/ Jingling to earn on NewsPay: One thing you should be aware of is that – the guys behind NewsPay knows about so many methods to aggressively try to earn on NewsPay with SPAM – Don’t een attempt it becaue you won’t be paid for such fake/scam act – We use a powerful balancer on our servers that would filter all your fake sophisticated softwares methods to earn and trash it automatically. We respect our users so much and would not want you to do this. Do not use any form of robotic software to try to earn on NewsPay – if you are reading news – read the news genuinely and make good comments regarding that news. Earn normally on NewsPay, respect our platform. Get paid. That’s all.
  4. Trying to hack and steal NewsPay Members users account to Earn: One thing is sure – once a platform is good – doing responsibly well – there are members who would wnt to take the shortcut route to earn from others. Over last month, NewsPay blocked 42 users whose accounts were affected by some unscrupolous persons who hacked their accounts, changed the email, password, name and try to withdraw – lol – sometimes this user thinks NewsPay would foolishly really pay you. Well, we cannot boast 100% accurately on this. But you see, we respect all our members so much. Once their accounts is breached – Our system automatically flags this, even if you use a different BANK Account to withdraw from it. Do not try to do this. You can join NewsPay with N1,600 and learn how to earn and get referrals so you too can start earning instead of this. Do not attempt or do this. Its regarded as spam.
  5. Multiple comments in a post: Do not do this. We’ve had users who even try to comment and fault our rules – lol. Well, its not like NewsPay isn’t aware of this. We are. But the truth is – you won’t be paid for that. Our comment rule is on this post. Do NOT in anyway copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again. Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. NewsPay would deduct all earnings from your Account. Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words.
  6. Having 2 Referral and becoming idle: NewsPay minimum withdrawal amount is ₦5000 which is a total of your NP EARNINGS + SP EARNINGS + AFFILIATE EARNINGS. We pay you when when you have a minimum of 2 Referrals. Now that you have ₦2000 in your AFFILIATE EARNINGS – Most users now ‘become idle’ and start spamming Newsay system by using blackhats methods to earn. Its like taking our stance as a Make Money online business model plan as NewsPay Earning Bundle for granted. You have ₦2,000 – You then decided that’s all to earn in life for the week. Then go to the spamming our system to get you earnings. Well, One thing you need to understand – NewsPay is run by humans and we know that these things and bad acts are bound to happen, we are aware users would get their ₦2,000 AFFILIATE EARNINGS and then sit down to start spamming NewsPay to inturn earn. Once they get ₦3,000 NP EARNINGS + SP EARNINGS, they inturn to get paid – Fortunately, NewsPay would pay you. Yes, we will. But we would deduct all your SPAM ACTS you’ve been upon and pay you what’s left. If you are withdrawing via 1 Referral (AFFILIATE EARNINGS) or none, then you must following our Non-Referral rule to get your Earnings.
  7. Advertising that you wished to ‘sell your NewsPay account’: Your NewsPay account is our digital property and belongs to us. This is what you signed up for when you created an account on the registration page. NewsPay secures your privacy and personal data on our servers and HATES to see any user who tries to transfer it. Your NewsPay account is not transferable – Do not try to advertise you wish to sell your NewsPay account. I wonder why someone with an opportunity to earn on NewsPay would wish to sell their account for the same ₦1600. Its laughable and childish to do this. Well, we have CLOSED many accounts who try to do this and we would continue. Don’t abuse the platform. This is a violation to our terms. We deserve to be respected.
  8. NewsPay is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ Company : You’ve heard that NewsPay pays. Yes we do and we would continue to pay our eligible members. Don’t try to spam our system in the name of earning Millions Naira in one week. My dear, we are not a get-rich-quick company. Every Member on NewsPay get involved in almost all activities to earn and get paid for it.
  9. Advertising ‘BLACK-HAT METHODS’ for Aggressive Earnings: Do not engage in the sames of BLACK HAT Methods or use BLACK HAT Methods to engage in skyrocketing your earnings. Do not advice your prospect to engage, purchase or support them with this. NewsPay would close your account and make sure all your earnings are forfeited immediately to NewsPay.
  10. Aggressive SPONSOR POST EARNINGS: Do not open previous SPONSOR POST in the name of earning them again by clicking on them . You are entitled to earn only on Today’s SPONSOR POST. That means if you signed up for NewsPay today, you start earning and posting the SPONSOR POST Today. Do not earn and post from past SPONSOR POST. NewsPay wont pay you for it as its regarded as SPAM EARNINGS.

With the Many SCAMS online – we have chosen to remain faithful in paying our Members weekly – we deserve millions of accolades – and do not spam us to earn from us.




Now that you now all the wrong ways you should avoid not to fall in the traps of SPAM EARNINGS.

  1. NewsPay is becoming a brand and we want our Members to respect our rules and earn greatly with us in as much as see the light of staying with a true brand that pays. We love to pay our Members.
  2. Focus on quality earnings on NewsPay – focus on AFFILIATE EARNINGS, Read News, make constructive comments, share the SPONSOR POST, Earn from it, SUBMIT NEWS and get involved in variou ways to earn. Talk about us, share the love.
  3. Create a NewsPay Whatsapp group, add your friends and family – tell them to join your group and inform them about NewsPay – show them our past payments. Be respectful and do not spam anyone with NewsPay link.


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Attention! NewsPay Comment Warnings!

1. Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

2. Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words.

3. Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. NewsPay would deduct all earnings from your Account.

4. Do NOT in anyway copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again..

5. NewsPay does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on NewsPay allowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

6. Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed once per comment, per post and subject to all rules as stated above.

You can read more regarding our comment policy here.

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