Sanyeri is the successful joker at 40


Sanyeri is the successful joker at 40 Nov 8, 2018 12:45 PM
Yoruba movie actor, Olaniyi Afonja has, in 10 years, successfully become one of the most sought-after fools for Yoruba movie roles.

Sanyeri is a successful joker at 40. (Playground TV)
‘A fool at 40 is a fool forever,’ goes the popular saying, which is mostly used in expressing a low opinion on individuals going astray at an older age.
However, a fool, according to the dictionary, is a word also used to qualify a jester or clown, especially one retained in a royal or noble household.

A fool, according to the dictionary, can also be used when one acts in a joking, frivolous, or teasing way.

Yoruba movie actor, Olaniyi Afonja, has, in 10 years, successfully become one of the most sought-after fools for Yoruba movie roles.

Though the ‘Okola l’America’ actor has a career spanning 23-years, the actor hit the limelight after playing a lead role with his buddy, Adekola Tijani in the hit comedy flick, ‘Muniru ati Ambali,’ in 2007.

Sanyeri playing the role of a traffic warden
Sanyeri playing the role of a traffic warden (Youtube)
He further became the toast of directors for playing the role of a fool when he starred in ‘Opa Kan,’ which featured Odunlade Adekola and Adekola Tijani.

And on Sunday, October 14, the successful joker turned 40.

The comic actor rolled out drums for a week-long celebration filled with various activities that included a ceremonial football match, visit to his primary school and birthday party that had several movie stars in attendance.

Sanyeri has since become the toast of Yoruba movie producers as he has become one of the frequently used comedy relief stars for Yoruba movies.

The man, who is widely referred to as Sanyeri, irrespective of the role he plays, attended both St. Michael Primary School, Oke-Ebo and Durbar Grammar School, Oyo Town, Oyo State.

The Oyo state indigene, who is proud of his tribal mark, has won several movie fans to his side while portraying the role of a professional jester made popular by the character, Sanyeri, in movies.

Yomi Gold and Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri
Yomi Gold and Sanyeri (Intagram/Yomi Gold)
In an interview with Punch Newspapers in 2017, the actor reminisced on how tough life was in the beginning as a career man who is also married.

“I always remember those times that we didn’t have much and she stuck by me. When my wife gave birth to our first child, I had just N3, 500 with me, so it was quite tough. That’s why I always say that there is nothing I cannot give my wife. As of the time she married me, the only property I had was my tribal mark,” he said.

However, the story has changed as Sanyeri not only treats his wife like a queen, he has relocated her and their children to Canada.

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