Luxurious private jets of Nigerian musicians


Luxurious private jets of Nigerian musicians Nov 4, 2018 7:29 PM
Who among Nigerian musicians own private jets? These people are rich and famous – they have enough money to fly their own birds! Let`s take a look at top 8 Nigerian musicians with a private jet!

private jet
African musicians with private jet
Traveling in private jets is certainly is the most comfortable way of traveling. A lot of African celebrities know that. That`s why they prefer to buy private jets instead of getting on the plane with other passengers.

African musician with private jet
If they don`t want to travel first class, then they always have their private jets to travel alone. Let`s take a look at these lucky guys who own airplanes!

Top 8 Musicians with private jet in Nigeria
1. Wizkid Private Jet
1. Wizkid Private Jet
Wizkid started to fly with private jets at the very early steps of his career. It happened thanks to his former boss – Segun Demurem. The private jets became one of the most interesting parts of his life. He even takes friends to travel together with him abroad. In one of his trips, he took Phyno as a travel buddy to South Africa!

2. P Square private jet
2. P Square private jet
P Square brothers can certainly spend their money on luxury life! It`s their way to show off to the world what they really do in life. They both can provide net worth of over 15 billion Naira. This fantastic sum can give them the possibility to fly private jets!

They started to fly on private jets in the very beginning of the 2010s! It`s a fantastic opportunity for them get their private Airbus and fly to any country in the world! Peter and Paul made a fortune in music industry of Nigeria. That`s how they can afford their luxury life with visiting other countries on a private jet!

3. Davido Private Jet
3. Davido Private Jet
A lot of Davido’s fans and haters keep asking if he has a private jet. Davido does not want to hide his luxury items and regularly show of what he really has in his private garage. A private jet is one of his luxury items that he wants to show off to the whole world!

4. Phyno Private Jet
4. Phyno Private Jet
According to the Blog Jiji – Phyno might be another famous Nigerian who has a private jet. Still, this information was not verified. Still, with all the money in his pockets – it will not be a surprise to see him in his own plane!

5. Don Jazzy
5. Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy stay a real man who holds his words. This man likes to travel in comfort and chc – that`s why he does not want to choose commercial airlines to travel. He has his own bird!

6. Tiwa Savage
Nigerian musicians with private jets
Tiwa Savage is a goddess of music in Nigeria. Therefore, how can a goddess travel on the commercial airplanes? The answer is pretty simple – she does not travel there. Still, this information is not also confirmed. Even the, who posted the information about Tiwa Savage private jet, informed that she was only spotted on Afri Jet.

Nevertheless, with all her money that she gets out of the concerts, brand endorsements, management deals and more; it won’t be a surprise if she actually has a little private somewhere.

7.Dj Cuppy
Nigerian musicians with private jets
She is another musician who prefers to travel only on private jets. Her father, Femi Otedola, helped her a lot with traveling only with private jets. Dj Cuppy is a 23-years-old Nigerian Dj who is very popular in Africa. During her last tour, she managed to travel a lot of West African countries using only her private jet!

8. Olamide Private Jet
8. Olamide Private Jet
The Blog Jiji also provided rumors that this Nigerian musician has a private jet. Still, there is no evidence for that right now. We can only be sure that Olamide, Psquare and Phyno love to post their pictures in private jets.

A private jet is one of the best methods of traveling around the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy one of the jets by themselves. However, it`s still possible to get at least a small portion of this luxury by viewing Instagram of Nigerian celebrities.


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