Saraki recommends solutions able to tackle issues facing Africa


Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki has recommended solutions to tackle the issues facing Africa and one of these involve collective efforts.
Saraki proposes this while speaking at the opening of the 73rd Executive Committee Session and the 41st Conference of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) in Abuja.
In his comments at the gathering he identifies that the legislature plays a role in ensuring a comfortable life for the African populace. Especially the youths who look to the government for a secured future.
“These challenges are common to us all, and we must respond accordingly, with a common purpose. Terrorism and organised crime recognise no borders.
“Africa’s problems require African solutions. Collective effort is needed. We must therefore ask ourselves as legislators: what role are we playing?
“How have we supported the Executive in dealing with these matters? You will agree with me that legislation is key in fighting crime and terrorism.
“If you look at the developed countries, it is through legislation that they have stayed on top of these issues,” Dr. Saraki notes in his speech.
Working together is important
Saraki thinks African countries can achieve productivity when the legislature of each nation work together with its neighbours.
He believes discussions between the parties concerned can bring about solutions to common problems.
“I appeal to us all, therefore, as African parliamentarians, to come together more regularly to share ideas about the issues confronting our countries and the continent at large.
“We must find common solutions to common problems. Let us share experiences, and combine legislative approaches in these areas. More so than ever, there is the need for partnership, greater cooperation, collaboration and support.”

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