Electricity : Firm offers free smart meters


PATKIM Consulting Nigeria Limited has embarked on the provision of free smart meters, to electricity distribution companies and some rural communities in the country.

PATKIM said it initiated the project to aid youth empowerment in addition to improving power infrastructure in the country.Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, the company’s Managing Director, Prince Larry Adesida said:
“Given Nigeria’s unique terrain where many of the rural settlements are often times financially incapable of purchasing and installing these smart meters, PAKTIM has resolved as one of the tenets of its corporate social responsibility, to provide up to 10 per cent of electricity metres procured by the DISCOs on a pro bono basis, a gesture that clearly demonstrates the company’s interest in impacting people as well as communities.”

Adesida also noted that prior to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, launching of Meter Asset Provider, MAP Scheme, PAKTIM had taken on the challenges that the various DISCOs had in procuring electricity meters on a “cash-and-carry” business model”.

This revolutionary company, he says has worked with the distribution companies, offering them vendor financing which means greater, more positive cash flow for the Discos in providing the services that Nigerians dearly require.According to him, PAKTIM is one of the first batch of companies granted the “No Objection” classification by the NERC, a concession which offers it full legal authorisation to participate in the procurement process to supply and maintain smart meters.

For over a decade in Nigeria, the company has consistently played immense role in ensuring the sector is at par with modern international standard.

“PAKTIM’s enduring mission is to work hand in hand with the Discos in providing electricity meters that will bring to all customers, improved infrastructural framework; instill transparency in energy purchase and usage; and a cohesive working relationship between the decision makers and PAKTIM,” Adesina said.

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