Born on the 1st of May, 1951 to late Mr. B.A. Bademosi, an educationist of high repute and madam Abigail Bademosi (nee Adeloye).

After completing his primary education at Bishop Philips Memorial School in 1962, Ope gained admission to St. Joseph College, Ondo in 1964 for his secondary education. After that,he proceeded to the prestigious University of Lagos where he obtained a degree in Biological Sciences in 1977.

Chief OpeBademosi teamed-up with his childhood friend, Mr. SeyeOladapo to establish Stanmark Holdings Limited, a parent organization that oversaw interest in banking, oil services, commodity trading and manufacturing. To actualize a deep-seated concern for the industrial development of Ondo State and the welfare of the local Ondo community, Stanmark Cocoa Processing Company, a collaborative manufacturing effort between Stanmark Holdings and Cadbury Nigeria Plc, was sited in Ondo town on the advice and insistence of Chief OpeBademosi.

In the banking sector of the economy, Stanmark Holdings Limited together with some other corporate entities such as Odua Investment Group became core investors andbought over the ailing National Bank of Nigeria whose fortune was reversed along the path of profitability before its acquisition by WEMA Bank during the recapitalization exercise.

After the acquisition of National Bank Limited by Wema Bank, Chief Bademosi became a non-executive Director of Wema Bank Plc, the position he maintained for four years.

Following a reorganization in Stanmark Holdings Limited after which divestments from some business were necessary, Chief OpeBademosi and some partners founded the Amalgamated Mining and Exploration Company Limited of which he is currently Chairman. He also serve in that same capacity in Creditswitch Limited – a telecommunication support company.

He also sits on the board of other companies such as Alliance and General Insurance,Zokahm Nigeria Ltd – a Syrian managed construction company based in Nigeria.

His social life, driven by his desire and willingness to serve people found earlyexpression in the following capacities:

Foundation member and presently, the Chairman, Ondo Development Council (ODC), a community effort to bridge the service delivery capacity of government and the emergent developmental challenges of Ondo community.
Pioneer President of Zenith Club of Nigeria – a top rated and highly innovative club dedicated to upliftment of Ondo sons and daughters
Chairman of the umbrella club of all Ondo clubs – Association of Ondo Clubs, Lagos.
Chairman, for two consecutive years, of the Ekimogun Planning Committee and the first to cross the million naira mark in fund drive in 1991
Member – House of Lords, Ibadan
Membership of the apex club, CLUB 75 of Ondo.

Right from his days at the Cathedral Church of St. Stephen, Oke-Aluko, Ondo, where he had his confirmation, he was a prominent chorister and a member of the Christian Crusaders. He is presently worshipping at the Archbishop Vinning Memorial Church GRA, Ikeja, Lagos where he belongs to the Fountain of Hope Society.

Again, the ever expanding network of friends and admirers of Chief OpeBademosi may be traceable to a charming and amiable persona developed over time through the cultivation of the right social graces and deft employment of good human relations. Together with his pillar of support, EBUN the remarkably elegant wife of Chief Bademosi, their marriage has produced adorable children some of whom are already climbing the ladder of success.

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