Official NewsPay New Policy Changes & Operations / NewsPay Ethics Changes


Welcome to 2019! Welcome to the New Year! As you may know. We have now completed the exercise of an overhaul change of our Policy.

NewsPay has scrapped out so many a policies which we would be listing for easy understanding in this post. 

The scrapping and change of policy was deemed necessary in order for our operations and Members to have an easy understanding, a solid framework of how we operate.

NewsPay Official Policies That Are Changing/ New Policies

  1. MINIMUM REFERRAL – NewsPay Minimum Referral has changed from 2 to 4. Which means for Any member who wishes to withdraw their Earnings using the Referral Option, Such Member must have a minimum Referral of 4 or just ₦4,000 as the case may be and above.
  2. NON-REFERRAL OR LESS THAN 4 REFERRAL – Good news to NewsPay New Members who wishes to get paid without Referrals. NewsPay would NO longer require our new members to create a Blog post/ Create a Video or get it approved for the Non-Referral Rule for having less than 4 Referrals.We have grown to thousands of Members and we have decided its time we scrapped this rule. For New Members to get paid to their Bank without Referrals or with less than 4 Referrals, such Member must attain and earn up to ₦25,000 NP EARNINGS on their account. This means that if a member have less than 4 Referrals or approximately less than ₦4000 in their AFFILIATE BALANCE and such member has attained and earn up to ₦25,000 NP EARNINGS, NewsPay would pay you a part of your NP EARNINGS which would be deducted as well as the Affiliate Earnings requested. The remaining funds would be rolled over to the next 4 weeks which you can use to get qualified for another 4th Week withdrawal.
  3. PAYOUTS NOW EVERY 4 WEEKS – Yes! Payouts would now be done every 4 Weeks. The change was necessary for us to have enough time to review Withdrawal Requests placed.
  4. DEDUCTIONS – No More Deductions of all your EARNINGS in your account for you to get a partly sum. This means the usual way for us to deduct SPAM EARNINGS for instance, you place a request of ₦7,000 NP EARNINGS, NewsPay pays you about ₦4,000 whereby the other ₦3,000 is deducted out, NewsPay would no longer deduct such funds, we would only pay you what would be paid and other funds would be rolled over in the next 4 weeks.
  5. SPAM EARNING TABS – No more penalty when you open multiple tabs – Formerly, this was regarded as SPAM EARNING. This is no longer necessary. We have now scrapped this policy. Members can open multiple tabs on NewsPay posts. The main goal is to earn.
  6. SPAM EARNING DEDUCTIONS – Spam Earning Deductions for Payouts has been scrapped.
  7. BANK CHARGES – NewsPay would no longer charge you ₦800 or ₦850 for Bank charges anymore. This policy has now been scrapped.
  8. WITHDRAWAL REQUEST DATE – NewsPay Members would now get a definite date when to request for WITHDRAWAL. The Withdrawal Portal would be opened on the date available on the site for our Members to get paid. This is a more transparent way to inform and let our Members know when they can request to be paid. The WITHDRAWAL PORTAL would be opened for 24hours.
  9. ₦6000 MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL – This is the Minimum Withdrawal Request for Members with ₦4000 Affiliates + NP EARNINGS . Members must have attained this minimum request in order for them to get paid or qualify for th Review process. This can be your NP EARNINGS + SPONSOR POST EARNING + AFFILIATE EARNINGS.
  10. PAYOUT NOW EVERY 4 WEEKS/ WITHDRAWAL TIMELINE – NewsPay Withdrawal Timeline has been adjusted to 4 weeks from the former weekly (6days review) after placing your request before you can get paid. WHY THE CHANGE? The change was necessary because our staff spends so much time collating, reviewing, deducting, analyzing and verifying Sponsor Posts activity on our Members account. This process is 70% done manually and usually take a whole lot of time. The weekly process of 6 days is no longer enough for us to review and pay our Members. Thus, the need for the change was necessary. Payouts would now be completed on the 4th week after a withdrawal has been placed.
  11. 2 TYPES OF WITHDRAWAL – NewsPay Members would now get a 2 types of placing Withdrawal Request. You can get the Withdrawal Type of 4 Referrals and above or ₦4000 and above Affiliate Earning Withdrawal or the other type of Withdrawal with less than 4 Referrals or with less than ₦4000 Affiliate Earning. This system is done every 4 weeks for qualification. This mean NewsPay Members would be paid on the 4th Week after placing Withdrawal Request of their types of Withdrawal Method.
  12. NEWSPAY NEW WHATSAPP NUMBER/ WHATSAPP EARNING REVIEW POLICY – We strongly want to inform our New Members to start creating awareness by advertising NewsPay to get Affiliate Earnings. Simply Create a WhatsApp group. You can name it anything related to NewsPay Group, NewsPay Income, NewsPay Bundle Group, add your friends and family to the WhatsApp Group and add our new WhatsApp Number to be an admin of your Group. NewsPay would pay you even if you have not been consistent with the SPONSOR POST based on your WhatsApp Group you created to get more Referrals to your Affiliate Earnings regarding NewsPay.
  13. SPONSOR POST EARNING/ ACTIVITY COMPULSORY FOR MEMBERS WITH LESS THAN ₦300,000 – NewsPay still wishes to inform our esteem Members that the SPONSOR POST Activity such as posting, sending us the valid means of getting to view your Facebook or Twitter profile to verify SPONSOR POST is mandatory and strongly compulsory for Members to get paid. But if a member has attained and earned an overall AFFILIATE EARNINGS of ₦300,000 and above, such Member can still Post the SPONSOR POST, but NewsPay would no longer discard such Withdrawal Request even if such member sends NewsPay an invalid Facebook./Twitter Profile Link or no Profile Link at all any longer. Such Member would get paid of their WITHDRAWAL REQUEST. This is for Members with ₦300,000 and above AFFILIATE EARNINGS. Members with less than ₦300,000 AFFILIATE EARNINGS would need to participate in the SPONSOR POST Activity and also end us a valid means of their Facebook/Twitter Profile Links.
  14. POLICIES THAT DO NOT CHANGE – Use of Vulgar words towards our systems and Admins/ Excessive spam comments / advertising that you wish to ‘sell’ your NewsPay account and other strong abuse on our platform would not tolerated – NewsPay would automatically close such accounts who defaults this rule.
  15. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM – You can write to us a constructive criticism. You can also suggest to us what you would like to see on NewsPay. Do not go overboard by using strong use of words. This would make your information insensitive and unnecessary. Simply pass your information plain and let us know in what ways we need to improve on.


Pending Withdrawals as at December, 2018 on NewsPay would be cancelled as this new policy would take effect immediately. NewsPay would begin payments in the 4th week of January 2019. Withdrawal Request would be opened starting from January 7th as this new Policy would start to take effect – The Payout would be done on the 4th Week, NewsPay would make payouts by the last week of January which would wrap up our fourth week review process. We implore our NewsPay Members to get informed, understand and digest every process and new policy regarding Withdrawals on NewsPay and our Business operations. Please post in the comments let us know what you think of our new policy.

UPDATE: NewsPay has decided to change the rule for Non Referral Withdrawal to be ₦25,000 NP EARNINGS Minimum to qualify for Withdrawal without Referrals. Also, New Withdrawal Request would be accepted by January 7th, 2019. The 5% Yearly Bonus would be added for Users who place Request based on our New Policy.

NewsPay has the right to change our Terms of Service at anytime to conform with our Members Usage of earning.

Attention! NewsPay Comment Warnings!

1. Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

2. Your comments MUST NOT be less than 10 words.

3. Multiple Comments are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You MUST NEVER in multiples per post. NewsPay would deduct all earnings from your Account.

4. Do NOT in anyway copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again..

5. NewsPay does not pay for exclamatory comments. Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed on NewsPay allowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

6. Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed once per comment, per post and subject to all rules as stated above.

You can read more regarding our comment policy here.

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    No More Deductions of all your EARNINGS in your account for you to get a partly sum. This means the usual way for us to deduct SPAM EARNINGS for instance, you place a request of ₦7,000 NP EARNINGS, NewsPay pays you about ₦4,000 whereby the other ₦3,000 is deducted out, NewsPay would no longer deduct such funds, we would only pay you what would be paid and other funds would be rolled over in the next 4 weeks.

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