Chaos As Egede People Protest Against Ike Ekweremadu In Enugu. Photos


There was chaos after the people of Egede, in Udi local Government Area of Enugu State, rejected the Deputy Senate President, Ike h, during his visit to their community on Saturday, 19th January 2019.

It was gathered that the incident started when Senator Ekweremadu came with his team to campaign in the area and also to commission a project which according to the residents of the community he had commissioned in 2014.

The angry community youths in their protest said they can no longer tolerate the ‘insult’ to their intelligence.

The agitating villagers were seen carrying placards which they used in describing how they feel.

Some of the placards reads, “What happened to our constituency funds for 16 years”, “Ekweremadu we are not fools”, “Say No to Eze Pharaoh”, amongst others.

It took the intervention of the security officers attached to the number four citizen to disperse the angry youths that barricaded the convoy of the Deputy Senate President..


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