Tinubu is in severe pain because Obasanjo exposed their rigging plans – PDP


People’s Democratic Party, PDP has taken a huge swipe at a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC and former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu over his statement against former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The former ruling party in a statement on Tuesday, described Mr Tinubh’s comment about the former president as “disrespectful, reckless, unguarded and indecorous.”

The party noted that Tinubu was only shocked that the former president exposed their plans to rig the coming elections, being the only way Tinubu wins elections for himself and his cronies.

See full statement below

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), PDP, reprimands Asiwaju Bola Tinubu over his comments against the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Balogun of Owu and described it as disrespectful, reckless, unguarded and indecorous.

Tinubu in his tirade against the former President sounded like a disrobed ruler facing a pang of defeat as he watches his empire being legitimately taken.

It is shocking that Asiwaju of Lagos can be in cahoots with President Buhari, a known anti-democrat, who has always been in league with all known dictators, while at the same time claiming to be on the side of democrats.

It is however not a surprise that Tinubu is in severe pain because President Obasanjo exposed their rigging plans. Asiwaju had always won elections for himself and his cronies through rigging and this accounts for his bitterness.

His reliance on rigging was typified in the Osun election where results were manipulated in order not to “disgrace” the fading politics of the Asiwaju of Lagos.

Let it be placed on record that the story of that election has not been fully told by Tinubu in his snide remarks against President Obasanjo. He chose to be silent on that phone call to Abuja, consequent upon which INEC declared an election already won by the PDP, as inconclusive.

However, President Obasanjo, contrary to Tinubu’s claims, did not at any time, assure our party that he holds sway in the southwest and as such will deliver Osun state to the PDP.

It is also important to state that the people’s candidate, Atiku, did not also claim to have rigged election in the South West. However, if Tinubu today denies his affinity with Atiku Abubakar, which is well known in the entire nation, then he can deny even his own existence.
Moreover, it is an established fact that Obasanjo remains a statesman and a global figure who always speak the truth to power and put the interest of our nation above all.

We challenge Asiwaju of Lagos to go round the markets of Idumota, Alaba, Ikeja Yaba and ask the traders if the N10,000 has yielded them the profit to purchase hotels, oil companies, airlines, and tax collecting agencies.

Since Asiwaju of Lagos understands the reason for collation of PVC numbers in exchange for the N10,000 trader money, he will do the nation good, especially at this time, if he provides explanation for this joint venture outside rigging of elections.



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