Check out these hilarious Tweets after Whatsapp crashes worldwide except in NigeriaÂ


Popular messaging platform Whatsapp owned by Facebook reportedly crahsed worldwide over the past few hours making social media go crazy.

Somehow, the crash didn’t affect Nigerian users and many people are taking to Twitter to share hilarious memes and tweets about it.

The last time the shutdown happened was in November 2018.

#WhatsApp down worldwide but working in Nigeria.
Is Nigeria even part of the world?

— Iba Ella of Warri the Marxist ?? (@Slyadeniyi) January 22, 2019
#WhatsApp is trending, i didn’t even noticed it was down until i saw it trending

— Alpha Male’s Fanmily ?? (@The_Sbwealth) January 22, 2019
#WhatsApp was down worldwide but it was working in Nigeria how come?

Have we been excluded from the world already?

— Lyon Ebi (@Original_Lyon) January 22, 2019
#WhatsApp was down except in Nigeria

Anyway Benin people I hail thee for your great works oo

— BoSS BaBY?? (@Iam_BossBABY2) January 22, 2019
#whatsapp is down all over the world and it working fine in Nigeria, and we say Buhari is not working. He deserve re-election for that ???

— Being Normal Is Boring???????? (@bodmasolaoluwa) January 23, 2019
No stupid #WhatsApp is down o.
My phone is even buzzing cos of WhatsApp messages… See now buzzing… Another buzz… See its buzz… It just buzzed another one…
Another buzz… It just…. I need to leave this useless group

— Izzy ? (@IzzyOdeb) January 22, 2019
Nigeria WhatsApp is operating on a very high level encryption, reason why the app didn’t crash in Nigeria. In summary Nigeria is the most secured cyberspace in the world.

What did I just type?#WhatsApp

— Princewill Felix ???? (@DflashyPrince) January 23, 2019
It is official, Nigeria has been excluded from the world. Yes #WhatsApp crashed all over the world and Nigeria was not affected. We are now the most powerful country in the world. What a time to be alive.

— MC Wizz official (@mc_wizz) January 23, 2019
Me staring at the messages on my phone delivered a minute ago. Like Nigerian whatsapp never goes down like the country’s poverty rate? #WhatsApp

— Zlatanbenjamin (@zlatanbenjamin) January 22, 2019
#WhatsApp shutdown worldwide but still active and working well in Naija chai!!!?? We don go rapture tehteh no be today??

— iamkixxie (@ikotun58) January 23, 2019
But really, how is #WhatsApp down but working perfectly over here?
Has Nigeria been removed from the countries in the world unknowingly?

— Temitope (@The_Temitope) January 23, 2019
#WhatsApp down worldwide?
Naija no follow for world shaa..
This one hurt me ? ?

— #BadGuyClue (@badguyclue) January 23, 2019
Why will #WhatsApp not crash when people will be putting all episodes of Jenifa’s Diary on their status… now see what we have caused for the rest of the world ?‍??Ironically we’re not even affected.

— ?THE ROYAL PSALMIST? (@AyanfeOfGod) January 23, 2019
Each time #WhatsApp crashes, it doesn’t affect Nigeria server.

Nigeria is a special country.

— Kemi Ariyo (@d_problemsolver) January 23, 2019
It is time they brought the headquarter of #WhatsApp to Nigeria. We have what it takes to keep it function when it will crash in other places.

Mark, think about it

— Jai?Crush(Comfort 95.1 FM) (@iamJaiAbbah) January 23, 2019

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