FG approves N300m for NCAT


The Federal Government ( FG ) has approved N300 million for the renovation of the existing hostels in the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, NCAT, Zaria.

Its Rector Captain, Abdulsalam Mohammed made this known on Wednesday in an interview with aviation reporters in Zaria.

He said the renovation of the hostel was part of government efforts to upgrade facilities in the college hostels for the comfort and safety of the students.

He said the government has concluded arrangements to build a 100 hostel bed for males and a 150 hostel
bed for females under a Public, Private, Partnership deal.

He said the infrastructure expansion is to handle the expected upsurge of students from within and outside the country.

The NCAT Rector said the college was still in talks with the company billed to handle the project to ensure that whatever agreements reached was water-tight to avoid any problem that could put the college to disrepute.

Captain Abdulsalam said since the college was designated as an International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE), it has gained more brand visibility for students from other West African countries.
According to him, there were few RTCEs in the world saying it takes a lot of efforts and process before any institution is recognized, adding that the college was doing everything possible to ensure that its status and accreditation is retained.

On the acquisition of training aircraft, he said 2015 government gave approval for the acquisition of 20
Diamond Aircraft, two twin engines DA42 and 15 Assembly engine DA 40 aircraft, adding one of the trainer aircraft was delivered in April 2017 as four additional aircraft were expected before the end of this year.

He said additional four DA 40 aircraft, have been ordered.

When delivered, the college, he said would have one DA 42 and five DA 40 in addition to the eight aircraft on its fleet.

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