BREAKING: Ethiopian, Sintayehu Legese wins Lagos City Marathon


Sintayehu Legese has won the 2019 Lagos City Marathon.

He is from Ethiopia.

He also became 50 thousand dollars richer.
Legese finished the race with a time of 2:17:26.

Joshua Kipkorir came second.

The second and third placed runners are expected to go home with $40, 000 and $30, 000 respectively.

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3,075 Comments on “BREAKING: Ethiopian, Sintayehu Legese wins Lagos City Marathon

  1. stanley00 says:

    Ethiopian don’t joke with marathon

  2. stanley00 says:

    They are one of those countries that used to win always as if it was their birth rights

  3. stanley00 says:

    Sintayehu is a good Atlantic from Ethiopian

  4. stanley00 says:

    He is so good to the points even they are to repeat it again he will still win

  5. stanley00 says:

    Sintayehu Legese is very very good in marathon

  6. stanley00 says:

    There are people you can’t just over look in Atlantic sintayehu is one of them

  7. stanley00 says:

    I just feel like congratulating him once more

  8. Sleek636 says:

    I acknowledge the strength newspay contributes in making our society a better place ..thanks for the updated informations too

  9. Boyka2412 says:

    Tank you newspay for this post am so grateful for the news.

  10. Chikezcares says:

    Type’s their thing