Buhari will defeat Atiku in Kwara- Lai Mohammed


Alhaji Mohammed, who doubles as the leader of APC in the state also described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s allegation that aliens attended the presidential rally of APC in Kano as hogwash.

The minister spoke with reporters in Ilorin, the state capital at the sideline of the commissioning of APC secretariat.

The secretariat was donated by a Lagos based businessman and APC governorship aspirant, Mallam Yakub Gobir.

The minister said,“We are going to defeat the Senate President Bukola Saraki comprehensively in the February 16th presidential and National Assembly election. And as a result he won’t be around to even supervise the March 2nd, 2019 elections”

On the PDP’s allegation, Alhaji Mohammed said: “Actually PDP is correct as the aliens they alleged graced the President Muhammadu Buhari’s rally in Kano state came from Mars and Jupiter.

“You see let me tell you that they cannot explain the cultic followership of Muhammadu Buhari. I don’t think even President Buhari can explain it. How do you bring aliens from Niger or Cameroon?

“It does not make any sense. This crowd was organic and everywhere Buhari goes that is the story.

“And while their own campaign is floundering and their camp is dwindling everyday Buhari’s crowd is increasing every day. Believe me it is a phenomenon that I don’t think he (Buhari) can explain.

“What I see in Buhari is that he has proven that the single most important thing for any leader is integrity. People who flock to Buhari’s campaign go there because they believe this is a man of integrity, he is a man who is passionate about Nigeria. This is a man who even in his very advanced age, is thinking, sleeping, dreaming and working for Nigeria.”

On the allegation of PDP that the Nigerian Army’s operation python dance in the state is designed to intimidate opposition ahead of the elections, the minister said only the guilty are afraid.

He asked “If they had not committed any crime whether is operation python or snake dance it is not of their business? Are you worried? Are you concerned? They want to keep this country safe for all of us. And anybody who says it is because of elections has something to hide.”

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3,077 Comments on “Buhari will defeat Atiku in Kwara- Lai Mohammed

  1. stanley00 says:

    Lai Mohammed thinks that people are supporting him over Atiku

    1. stanley00 says:

      Atiku will beat him hands down at kwara state

  2. stanley00 says:

    Atiku will win APC will see it

  3. stanley00 says:

    Atiku is not borderd of this

  4. stanley00 says:

    If they do it free and fair they will be seriously deffited by PDP

  5. Joshua4real says:

    If they do it free and fair they will be
    seriously deffited by PDP.

  6. Sleek636 says:

    I acknowledge the strength newspay contributes in making our society a better place ..thanks for the updated informations too

  7. Boyka2412 says:

    Tank you newspay for this post am so grateful for the news.

  8. Chikezcares says:

    Type here..you lie like your name