Aguero hat-trick sinks Arsenal, City close gap on Liverpool


Manchester City closed to within two points of Premier League leaders Liverpool thanks to Sergio Aguero’s hat-trick in a 3-1 win over Arsenal on Sunday.
For the second time in a week, Aguero scored inside the first minute to give City the perfect start.
However, just like in a shock defeat at Newcastle on Tuesday, the champions failed to press home their advantage as Laurent Koscielny profited from some slack defending to head home an equaliser just 10 minutes later.
Pep Guardiola’s men were knocked out of their stride for most of the remainder of the first half, but retook the lead in style just a minute before the break when Ilkay Gundogan’s delightful lofted pass teed up Raheem Sterling to cross for Aguero to tap home.
The same two players combined for the Argentine to secure his 10th Premier League hat-trick in controversial fashion as the ball came back off Aguero’s arm before rolling over the line just after the hour mark.
Chelsea suffered their worst defeat for 23 years
A sixth consecutive away league game without a win sees Arsenal slip down to sixth behind Manchester United, who were 1-0 victors at Leicester earlier on Sunday, and three points adrift of fourth-placed Chelsea in the battle for Champions League football next season.

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2,057 Comments on “Aguero hat-trick sinks Arsenal, City close gap on Liverpool

  1. Bilyameen says:

    Manchester strong pass them…

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    Chelsea suffered their worst defeat for 23 years

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    great news and very informative to read.thanks newspay.

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    Aguero always the heroes

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    I see Aguero leading man city club to league winner

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    Aguero is now the master of hat-tricks in city