Buhari, Atiku fight over 7m Igbo votes in north


By Johnbosco Agbakwuru
ABUJA – AHEAD of the February 16 general elections, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have intensified efforts to grab the about seven million votes of Ndigbo in the northern part of the country.
Atiku and Buhari
While attempts are made to ensure that Buhari get the endorsement of Ndigbo in the north, there appears to be disaffection amongst the leadership of Ndigbo in the area over what they described as grand plot by a former National Vice Chairman of PDP, South, Nze Ozichukwu to hijack the Atiku’s campaign in the north.
This development it was gathered has made the Igbo leaders in the area to contemplate endorsement of President Buhari despite the general adoption of Atiku by the parent body of the apex socio-cultural group, Ohaneze Ndigbo.
Our public institutions, commonwealth would be in grave danger if … – Keyamo
It was alleged that the suspended Secretary of the Igbo apex group, Barrister Okwukwu had embarked on recruitment drive with the support of one of the Ministers from the South East to pay a visit to President Buhari at the Presidential Villa with the aggrieved Igbo leaders in the north to declare their support for the President despite the Ohaneze endorsement of the Atiku election.
More details soon

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2,755 Comments on “Buhari, Atiku fight over 7m Igbo votes in north

  1. Happiness says:

    All these struggles by both Atiku and Buhari over igbo endorsement sould be stopped.

    1. Deprince5222 says:

      Yes o, with immediate alacrity

  2. Khalid Khalid says:

    Type here..rubbish idea

  3. Oteyale says:

    I think Buhari has a clear conscience by telling his party member to vote a candidate of their choice.

    1. Deprince5222 says:

      Forget clear conscience, he is ready to rig the election that’s why he’s saying all this


    We are hoping for free and fair election

    1. Deprince5222 says:

      That’s our prayer but this one they are fighting even before election

  5. Ayokunle101 Ayokunle101 says:

    Thanks for the news update

  6. Deprince5222 says:

    They should keep fighting o, who will win will win

  7. EMRYS2018 says:

    This news is not different from the previous one.