Dogara reacts to Senator Waku’s death


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara has expressed grief over the death of elder statesman and fourth Republic federal lawmaker, Senator Joseph Kennedy Waku, who died Sunday, at the age of 73.
Dogara, in a statement he personally signed, lamented that Nigeria lost a fine gentleman and a patriot who believed in the unity of the country.
He described the late elder statesman as a man who contributed a lot to the development of Nigeria and democracy, stood firm for truth and defended the interest of the common man at all times.
“I recall that during his sojourn at the National Assembly where he represented Benue North West senatorial District at the start of the Fourth Republic, the late Waku distinguished himself as a parliamentarian who at every opportunity identified with the ordinary man and the downtrodden in the society. He was always mindful of his duties, the wellbeing of the people he represented and the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria.
“We have, indeed, lost a man of courage, a respected elder statesman and great leader who spent greater part of his life in the service of the people and left behind a legacy of honour”.
“My deepest condolences to the bereaved family as well as the government and people of Benue state over this great loss”.

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2,221 Comments on “Dogara reacts to Senator Waku’s death

  1. Akorfred7 Akorfred7 says:

    Type here..thanks for the update

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      So updated

  2. stanley00 says:

    His reaction is not bad

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      Yes of cause

  3. stanley00 says:

    Senator wakus death is a sad one

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      May he rest in peace

  4. stanley00 says:

    His death is a painful one to this nation

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      A very kind man

  5. stanley00 says:

    May God give this nation the heart to bear the lost

  6. stanley00 says:

    He has gone to be the ancestors

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      Yes of cause

  7. Johns says:

    Whats a great loss, This is very painful. RIP

  8. johnniyi2012 says:

    Thanks this is a good information

  9. Johnbosco1 says:

    Type sad this was a man who distinguished himself as a parliamentarian

    1. Rashidaabdullahi300 says:

      So updated