Woman Shows Off Sweet Rice & Stew She Made With N500 (Photo)


Rice and stew made with N500

A Nigerian woman has shown that she’s a wife material after showing off the sweet rice and stew she made with N500.

‎Christopher LouisaMeldy Uchechi‎ took to Facebook to show off the food.

Uchechi wrote:

“I made a post in the morning, that asked “Girls what can #500 cook for us, majority said #indomie, some said it’s poverty sign, while some said bread and coke

#IGBOIST, here is my own #500 result 😋😋

Rice 200, Ugu 100, Crayfish 50, fresh tomatoes 50 (We are in the season of tomato), Sachet Groundnut oil 50, Maggi 20, Onions 20 and pepper 10.”

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1,966 Comments on “Woman Shows Off Sweet Rice & Stew She Made With N500 (Photo)

    1. G eazy smith says:

      Interesting news update

  1. Bellosamad says:

    Wow she is too good

    1. Metibogun says:

      It looks so delicious and yummy. She has really tried

    2. Edunsin says:

      She can cook for you ooo

    3. G eazy smith says:

      Interesting information

  2. Braincare Braincare says:

    Very delicious and tantalizing to be beheld and yearned for

    1. Metibogun says:

      Really,I wish I can take the food from the platform

    2. G eazy smith says:

      Wonderful information

  3. peniel197 says:

    Thanks for this wonderful information… Great job feeding us with this news…Thanks you newspay

    1. Metibogun says:

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      Informative and educative

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      Wonderful news update

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    2. G eazy smith says:

      Very nice news update

  5. Johns says:

    In which state is she staying because here #500 is garri, groundnut and sachet water cool one.

    1. Edunsin says:

      Can you five h garri once

    2. G eazy smith says:

      Very educative and informative news update

    1. Edunsin says:

      Nice post newspay, thanks

    2. G eazy smith says:

      Trusted and reliable news update

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    For the great news am grateful and thankful

    1. G eazy smith says:

      Important information