Slay Queen Caught Red-handed Photoshopping Humongous Hips (Photo)


The lady in question

The social media user based in Kenya decided to use a picture-editing application to increase the size of her hips.

The editing was poorly done and it ended up affecting the shape of the gutter beside her as well as ‘denting’ the white car beside her.

The picture has been trending online with social media users making jokes out of it.

In recent times, ladies have also been patronizing cosmetic surgeons to work on their bodies.

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2,274 Comments on “Slay Queen Caught Red-handed Photoshopping Humongous Hips (Photo)

  1. EmmanuelSimon1236 EmmanuelSimon1236 says:

    great news and very informative to read.thanks newspay.

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    great news and very informative to read.thanks newspay.

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